DAkkS and ISO calibrations

Our calibration services range cover dimensional, physical and electrical variables.

In the dimensional variables field, we calibrate standard measuring equipment through to complex gauges and setting parts. With respect to the physical variables, we calibrate pressure, torque, air speed, scales or temperature. DC voltage, DC current, DC resistance, AC current or AC voltage are variables in the electrical range that need to be calibrated.

DAkks calibrations

DAkks calibrations involve precise, qualitative assessment of processes, procedures and products to verify conformity with specified requirements. The individual areas of the German Accreditation Office (DAkkS) are accredited.


  • Dimensional measuring variables: standard measuring equipment, thread, gauges, prismatic workpieces
  • Electrical measuring variables: DC current (voltage, amperage, DC resistance), AC current low frequency (voltage and amperage)
  • Physical measuring variables: torque, scales, pressure, temperature, sound